MoMA Sponsors Illegal Advertising Takeover For Kids

07.17.09 Will Sherman


Somewhat surprisingly, the Museum of Modern Art backed a recent takeover of illegal outdoor advertising. Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign spotted a group of teenagers with the MoMA Red Studio summer program pasting their artwork over illegal NPA ads on a construction shed in Manhattan. The takeover was conducted with the landlord’s permission, but it’s still shocking since MoMA doesn’t like people messing with public ads, at least not their own. Earlier this year, the museum fired its creative agency, The Happy Corp, after CEO Doug Jaeger hired Posterboy to remix their Atlantic-Pacific Avenue subway station campaign. Still, it’s a great lesson in public space policy for the kids. But MoMA shouldn’t be surprised if the fledgling ad activists take aim at their own use of the marketing medium, especially their wildpostings of questionable legality.

Photos by Public Ad Campaign