More, More, More Murakami: Inside the Qatar Exhibit

02.15.12 Marina Galperina

A gigantic, inflatable Takashi Murakami sits in Qatar for his biggest exhibition ever, appropriately entitled “Ego.” Here’s a look inside. So much neon, so many grinning flowers, limb-sprouting mushrooms, illuminated murals and Kawaii overload — as bombastic as appropriate for a museum that hosted the world’s biggest daytime fireworks show. Flashy! Also, flashing…

It’s always endearing to see the reigning Japanese contemporary art giant dedicating a statue to his love for his dog. And another one. And another one. And another one.

After LACMA and Versailles, this is the last of Murakami’s grand-giant-awesome-ostentatious retrospectives. The fictional universe is in full bloom here. Thank Takashi’s boundless imagination and boundless resources of assistant labor from his Factory. (It’s like Warhol’s, only… it’s an actual factory.) “Ego,” Takashi Murakami, Now – Jun 24, the Qatar Museum Authority (Photos: DesignBoom)