MTA Confusing Subway Riders More than Diddy

12.17.10 Bucky Turco

If you thought Diddy’s subway entrance-changing marketing campaign was confusing to tourists, take a look at the MTA’s that may even be confusing to New Yorkers. The transit agency “stealthily” renamed the Broadway-Nassau station in Lower Manhattan to Fulton Street reports amNY and they did it without posting their nifty color-coded public notices or altering maps.

This has a Transit Riders Council member very pissed off. He’s not too worried about daily riders, but tourists who very well may find themselves in Brooklyn. “If you are tourist and you are looking on your map for Broadway-Nassau after Chambers Street and you don’t see it — you’re going to Brooklyn,” said Andrew Albert. amNY says they only found one dinky notice in the station announcing the new name and that there was no mention of it on MTA.info, although we did find this very tiny acknowledgment.

But tourists aren’t the only ones who may be left in the dark, how about blind people? The MTA still hasn’t changed out any of the braille plates to reflect the services changes to the M line at the Bowery Station.