MTA Feels Really Bad About Two Year Old Service Cuts, Wants to Make it Up to You

06.28.12 Joshua Rivera

Two years ago the MTA’s “Doomsday” service cut went into effect, ending the V, the W, and 37 bus routes in the face of a nearly $800M budget deficit. It was a very big deal. Fares hiked, free student Metrocards went away, and commutes got longer. At this week’s MTA Board meeting, members speculated that up to $20M could be pledged toward restoring some of these cut services. No proposal has been drafted, and the MTA still lacks money–the reason why service was cut in the first place–to actually make it happen. But they’re looking, and perhaps by next year MTA service will be a bit better than it is now.

(Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr)