Mystery Car-Burning Spree In Harlem

09.12.12 Andy Cush

Imagine waking up one morning to find your brand-new car burned to the ground, for no apparent reason. That’s what happened to Harlem residents Oral and Sharise Budhai-Walker, whose white Range Rover was set on fire alongside some nine other automobiles in a seemingly random spree early Tuesday morning. “It’s a total shock,” Sharise Budhai Walker told the New York Times. “We got a new car for the baby, and now it’s a total loss. It’s just sad that someone would do that.”

Police are investigating the burnings, but have established no apparent motive for the bizarre string of crimes. Pamela Crowell, the owner of a Scion that was completely charred, hoped for swift retribution. “I hope they find the person that did this and don’t let them off easy,” she said. “All this damage.”

(Photo: Jason Bolonski/Flickr)