Naked Times Square Art Model Captured By Cops (And Our Cameras)

08.31.11 Marina Galperina

Turns out the cops were not fans of Andy Golub painting on naked models in the middle of Times Square yesterday. Zoe West, 21, dropped dropped the g-string after all. Gasp! The model was arrested, clad only in neon body paint. Apparently, the cops weren’t informed that according to the New York State law, public nudity is not lewd if it’s part of a play, performance, exhibition or show. ANIMAL captured this footage of the brave, bare-breasted gal.

A tipster tells us Zoe was seen on the L train last night, a little after midnight, with paint still on her… but clothes as well. Since she was released without charges, there’s no reason why the cops had to snag her up in the first place, lest to ogle her within the confines of the precinct. Take a full frontal gander at what we shot in Times Square yesterday, although we missed Zoe being escorted to leave a painterly butt autograph smudge on the back seat of a police cruiser, despite spending more than two hours on the site… (Photo and video: ANIMALNewYork)