Nate Hill Will Throw Bad Cheeseburgers At You Now

06.27.12 Marina Galperina

“I used to try to be an art hero. Now, I want to be an art villain,” says Nate Hill. Gone are the days of the broken heart purging of Death Bear, the Chinatown Garbage Taxidermy Tours, and White Power Milk specialty products. This is Second Deceit aka Free Cheeseburgers.

I will achieve this through deceit.

1. Dress as a McDonald’s employee.
2. Purchase about 20 cheeseburgers and take a bite out of each.
3. Throw wrapped, bad cheeseburgers from a moving bike to pedestrians in NYC.
4. Gain villain points.
5. Repeat.”

Here’s a demonstration. Seems like a zany combination of socio-urban pranking, brand-comprising and bad taste. In two words–community disservice.

There will be performances twice a week in Summer 2012 on the Upper East Side and other parts of New York, like today and on July 1st. If you’re nerves and intestines are still trying to crawl slowly away after watching any of the video above, I suggest you don’t look at the First Deceit or I Want To Kill Gently where Nate earned villain points by photographing pretty girls for a fake “facial symmetry project” so he can record his horrible, horrible incantations at their photos.