Nate Hill’s ‘White Power Milk’

05.31.11 Marina Galperina

Performance artist Nate Hill’s newest unsettling project is open for business. Choose from five “rich, beautiful, white girls” recruited from “within the upper echelons of society” to “gargle your milk to absolute perfection,” thereby “purifying” it. White Power Milk is social commentary so tongue-in-cheek, it hurts.

Or not. The project is inspired by racially-tinged Tweets like these and is open to interpretation, each one more uncomfortable than the next.

Check out the close up of gargling action sent to us by photographer Teresa Nasty.

Essentially, the website offers up the mouths of five girls “from the right family.” The freshly-gargled milk is express shipped in a cold pack and comes with a purchasable video of aforementioned gargling. Check Nate’s behind-the-scenes video interview below, wherein he asks one of them if she feels lucky to be a pretty, white girl. Cringe cringe. Nate tells us the girl “is not happy with the video.”

“What do you think about the people who would order such a thing?” Indeed.