National #Selfie Portrait Gallery Now Open in London

10.17.13 Marina Galperina
National #Selfie Portrait Gallery installation shot (Anthony Antonellis and Saoirse Wall)

The Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair in South Bank, London has just opened. Earlier, we posted that Kyle Chayka and I curated an installation of 19 artists, 17 selfie-based video art pieces (all 30 seconds or shorter) with an interactive booth. It’s there. ATTENTION FELLOW PRESS PPL: Let me answer this Q 4u…

Are #selfies art now?
#Selfies are not art (or #art)
but these video art pieces are selfies.

ALRIGHT. Anyway, National #Selfie Portrait Gallery came out pretty great but I haven’t slept in three days and if you’re in London, you should come over for the reception, 6-8pm tonight (right now.) Some fresh-off-the-iPhone installation photos for you in the gallery above and here’s the trailer, again:

One piece in the show is Alexander Porter’s bit.ly-GL27CV. One of the masterminds of the #RGBDToolkit  — an open source Kinnect x Cannon 3D rendering ware — Alexander’s selfie is a digital 3D scan of his face, unfurled like a landscape canvas. EXCLUSIVE ON ANIMAL! (How’d we score that shit amirite?)

“National #Selfie Portrait Gallery,” Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair, Petra CortrightRollin LeonardBunny RogersAlexander PorterAngela WashkoJayson MussonAnthony AntonellisYung Jake, Jennifer Chan, and Jennifer Catron and Paul OutlawKim Asendorf and Ole FachDaniel SwanLeslie KuleshJesse DarlingAddie WagenknechtSaoirse WallCarlos Sáez, Oct 17 – Oct 20, The Bargehouse, London 

(Installation photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork)