Nazi-Like Smoking Ban Debated in NYC

10.15.10 Bucky Turco

Groups for and against Chancellor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on smoking just about everywhere in the city except people’s apartments, rallied at City Hall on Thursday. Those in favor of it contend that secondhand smoke miraculously doesn’t dissipate, even when outside, and is therefore still dangerous to the public while the opponents say it’s oppressive and could lead to violence.

Audrey Silk, founder Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment, warned what could happen if city residents begin policing other city residents:

“When the law’s an ass, we will not comply,” Silk said. “Councilwoman Brewer, the sponsor of this bill, seems to think that it will be self-policing by having citizens police each other. She’s inviting hostile confrontations in a city that really doesn’t need it.”

Another member of their group, David Goerlitz, explained the increasing vilification aspect:

“I believe you should be allowed to buy a product that is still legal at a fair price that is standardized throughout the nation, and use this product without being thrown under the bus and made to feel like you’re dirty, filthy and a child killer,” Goerlitz said.

(Photo: Brandon Knopp/WSN)