Net Artist Daily: The Huffington Post-Internet Is a Thing or Is It?

10.28.13 Marina Galperina

What would it take for major news outlets and tabloids to cover the so-called “net art scene?” Just noticed this lightly trolly anonymous blog Net Artist Daily last night. It pretends to do be doing just that, treating artists we’ve been covering like Hollywood celebrities and posting Kim Asendorf’s “nude selfies” and Saoirse Wall’s twerking video.

UPDATE: Secret identities behind Net Artist Daily revealed: Anthony Antonellis and Arjun Srivatsa. Oh, THAT GUY!

It doesn’t appear to be mean-spirited and a lot of it mocks the loudest, most annoying “mainstream journalism” tropes, like “Petra Cortright Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore” showing an early video of Petra Cortright being beautiful and in the pretend shocking reveal, showing a recent video of Petra Cortright being beautiful. It’s also pretty handy: I didn’t realize Yung Jake made a new Tumblr aggregating art that leans on things or that DJ Hennessy Youngman (Jayson Musson) recorded a rap song about  Brian Boitano.

I’m totally sending a cease and desist to this gossip gurl though because bitch stole my Instagram photo of Alexandra Gorczynski partying and I have no sense of humor.

Last personal fave: [POLL] Majority of Net Artists are not Net Artists. LOL. Let’s see how many people will actually care about this thing. Oh, and there’s a Twitter.