New Drug Testing Rules Could DQ Champion Musher

12.08.09 Bucky Turco

4867997.41395.original.standalone.prod_affiliate.7 Although the idea of an 1,100-mile race through Alaska whereby packs of dogs pull men on sleds through some of the most freezing cold weather imaginable is retarded in its own right, so are the new drug testing rules that totally screw people like Lancey Mackey. He’s a three-time Iditarod champ, throat cancer survivor, and medical weed patient who could now face disqualification if he smokes his medicine on the trail

He says it keeps him focused and other races jealous. But it shouldn’t matter if he uses cannabis or not, it’s not like he’s getting the dogs stoned. Right? And if he did, that’s hardly performance enhancing. Mackey reasons, “It is a dog race, not a human race. It (using a drug) doesn’t affect the outcome of the race.” |ADN|