New Public Art to Play With on Madison Avenue

02.10.12 Marina Galperina

Artist Jonathan Prince has freshly plopped his two new shiny, shiny sculptures on Madison Ave and they look like fun. These rusty, oxidized hunks of metal have “tears” — laboriously hand-polished, foil-like surfaces that symbolize “time, neglect, forgetting” and can function like fun-house crinkled mirror of sorts, if you’re easily amused or sauced. Or you can go play with that man-made snow if there’s some left at Union Square. Whatever.

Personally, methinks all public art should be interactive, not just Miranda July’s holes to stick your fingers in. Come on, like you’ve never wanted to climb a Roxy Paine tree!

Whether or not it’s “the Stonehenge of an advanced civilization,” for gigantic abstract sculptures, they’re pretty dynamic. See Prince’s works today through March 30th at 535 Madison Avenue in conjunction with his exhibit at Cynthia-Reeves Gallery.