New York Street Advertising Takeover, the Sequel

10.25.09 Bucky Turco


After the success of the last New York Street Advertising Takeover, Public Ad Campaign’s Jordan Seiler organized another contingent of conspirators—including ANIMAL’s own Will Sherman—to liberate the mostly illegally operated NPA billboards in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Sunday. Like last time, the first wave of volunteers in nifty OSHA-approved neon vests, buffed the ad spots with white paint, followed by a second wave of artists who added their unique touches, turning the locations into temporary public canvasses and challenging the outdoor advertising company’s claims to legitimacy.

This time however, the NPA became hip to the widespread attack pretty quickly and responded with violence-threatening workers and lots of wheatpaste, in some cases reclaiming the space as quickly as it had been buffed and decorated. The NYPD also joined the cat and mouse game and at last count, we heard that three people were arrested although it’s not clear if they were whitewashers or artists. We put together a preliminary gallery of the mind clearing billboards and ephemeral artworks that are probably all covered by ads already, so just be thankful for digital cameras! Update: The New York Times reports that a total of five people were arrested and also published a ridiculously funny photo of mask-clad street artist Gaia.

Photos by Bucky Turco/ANIMALnewyork