NJ State Trooper Prez “Outraged” Over Common Has History of Outrageousness

05.11.11 Bucky Turco

Meet David Jones. He’s the mouthy president of the NJ State Troopers Fraternal Association who is manufacturing faux outrage over Michelle Obama’s decision to invite puppy dog rapper Common to recite non-controversial poetry at a White House event.

He’s also the guy who released the home address of radio personality Craig Carton after he broke a very unflattering story about the state troopers a few years back. This prompted an investigation and as noted by defense attorney Vincent Sanzone, a sharp condemnation by New Jersey Attorney General Stuart Rabner who said Jones “discredited both himself and the Division of State Police” by his actions. Jones was suspended for 30 days and censured.

In the meantime, conservatives are jumping all over the story and not surprisingly, Fox Nation published this extremely misleading headline: “WH Defends ‘Cop Killer’ Rapper, Calls Him ‘Socially Conscious.” Since it’s well known that Common is by no means a gangsta rapper, I won’t even bother dissecting that, but as far as the “socially conscious” label, that’s true. The White House press secretary did say that, but he was quoting Fox. Reports ABC News:

Carney cited a 2010 FoxNews.com interview with Common in which the reporter told the hip hop performer, “your music is very positive and you are known as the conscious rapper – how important is that to you and how important do you think that is to our kids?”