No, COPE2 Did Not Paint a Pig With Banksy

10.18.13 Bucky Turco

Last night, notorious graffiti artist COPE2 posted an image on his Instagram of what he claimed was a collaboration with Banksy in the South Bronx. The photo depicted a levitating pig with a COPE outline behind it and the words “NYPD” on the hog. Within hours, the post racked up thousands of likes, hundreds of comments and dozens of regrams. The minute I saw it, I was suspect. First off: why is the pig just floating in the air? After all, Banksy’s stencils usually abide by the laws of physics.

Sure, COPE has worked on walls with street artists like Shepard Fairey, but this was clearly a fake. So I called up Bronx bomber, and the minute he picked up the phone he started laughing.

“I did it because of all the Banksy hype,” said COPE. “With the media, newspapers, fans, haters, and NYPD, it’s so ridiculous how I can make a Banksy prank and the world goes insane.”

At some point last night, he removed the photo, sparking further intrigue and wild speculation. “All the shit talking you see about it, it’s really hilarious,” he jokes. “Meanwhile I’m sitting in my garage in upstate New York where I painted the damn image, laughing my ass off.”

Sure enough, some media outlets such as Complex and Gothamist took the bait. COPE still can’t believe how easy it was dupe the internet.

“It was a funny one, people. You can’t front,” says COPE about all the attention. “I had mostly everyone going. Much respect to Bansky. Do your thing homie.”