No More Art Pranks from Maurizio Cattelan, Just Photography

06.03.11 Marina Galperina

Will there really be no more giant middle finger statues, crushed Popes, lynched children, mounted wives, groveling Hitlers or horse jokes for ANIMAL beloved Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan? On the eve of the Venice Biennale, the artist said he’s abandoning hyperrealist sculpture forever: “My art as you know it is finished.”

I have to get out of a system which seduces you into repeating yourself. After New York, I’m finished with the sculptures. I can reinvent myself as a new artist, perhaps as a photographer. Art is like therapy. If it works, you don’t have to see a therapist. You have to ensure it keeps working.

After Cattelan’s upcoming retrospective at the Guggenheim, it seems like the artist will be shifting focus to his recently launched a photography magazine Toilet Paper, and judging by the work above, that is not a bad idea. (Photos: Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan for Toilet Paper Magazine)