NYC Bar Where George Washington Drank Faces Demolition

10.17.13 Andy Cush

Today, the building at 50 Bowery, spitting distance from the Manhattan Bridge, is set for demolition so that a developer can build a new 20-story hotel. But once upon a time–in 1783, to be precise, George Washington may have had a drink there, according to a local preservationist.

Adam Woodward tells CBS he’s found evidence of the Bull’s Head Tavern, where the general celebrated after the British marched out of New York City, in the building’s basement. “[I] found myself in what I am pretty certain is the 1750s historic tavern,” he said, adding, “I just realized that it would be the last chance to solve one of the great mysteries of New York City history.”

It may be the oldest building in Manhattan. And now, Woodward is hoping that if the structure’s status can be confirmed, the city may stave off its demolition.