NYC Phone Booths To Be Resurrected As WiFi Hotspots

07.11.12 David Lumb

Some of the 12,400 phone kiosks across the city will be spruced up for use as more than toilets of the homeless–instead, you’ll be able to tap into the rusted, fecal totems for gloriously free WiFi. The program will eventually extend to all five boroughs, says the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications, and though the pay phone companies providing the service (Van Wagner and Titan) will be mentioned, your internet will be password and advertising-free.

While the hasty pro bono repurposing of these archaic machines comes suspiciously on the heels of a UN declaration affirming internet as a Basic Human Right, we’re still on the fence for whether the public will embrace this benevolence accordingly…or prey on the poor saps who think financial transactions over unprotected internet is a good idea.