NYC Rescinds Absurd Policy on Food Donations To Shelters In Wake of Hurricane Sandy

11.16.12 Bucky Turco

Earlier this year, the Bloomberg administration enacted a new rule preventing city-run shelters from taking food donations. CBS News reported that the new rule was put in place because the nutritional value couldn’t be ascertained, but according to the mayor, it was done for “all sorts of safety reasons.” However, it appears that NYC is now having a change of heart. “We thank New Yorkers for their generous outpouring of support, and encourage people to continue donating any food they can, particularly canned goods, packaged and uncooked food,” wrote Bloomberg spokeswoman Samantha Levine in response to an ANIMAL email asking if the rules were suspended in lieu of Sandy relief efforts. “[W]e did previously have a policy that prohibited donations of home-prepared food (which has been changed for Sandy).” And to think, it only took a natural disaster.