NYCHA Will Clean Up Public Housing Mold, But Only Because It Has To

12.17.13 Andy Cush

Faced with a federal class-action lawsuit from residents of public housing, the New York City Housing Authority has agreed to more efficiently deal with complaints of mold growing in apartments. According to the lawsuit, the city has allowed problems to persist in apartments where tenants make complaints, often dealing with existing mold without attacking the leaky pipes and ceilings at its source.

A settlement expected for today would “require the authority not only to remove the mold but also to fix leaks, insulate pipes and address other sources of moisture,” and handle problems within 15 days of a complaint, according to the New York Times

Incidents of mold in public housing rose sharply after Hurricane Sandy, presenting an asthma risk for tenants. A pressing problem to be sure, but NYCHA probably more concerned with building luxury condos.