NYC’s Penis Wrapper Wrapper Contest Finalists Are In

02.12.10 Marina Galperina

nyc_condoms Announcing: the five finalists for the New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s condom wrapper design contest. Chosen from 600 entries world-wide, they’re awaiting your vote here. Meanwhile, let’s delve into the masterful visual narrative therein.


Safe sex is a “turn on” for Apple cyborgs. (Luis Acosta) 


Sewers are sexy, as only thousands of miles of ancient, crap smeared canals populated by teenage turtle beefcake can be. (Virgil Alderson)


It’s the sophisticated penis hat! Also available in do-rag and ushanka. (Russell Greenberg)


Boring Freudian clipart fail. (Gene Lambert)


This looks diseased. Point taken. (Yujin Lee)


And now, a coda.