NYPD May Stop Paid Housing Project Patrols

12.27.13 Andy Cush

In an effort to downsize the budget of the cash-strapped New York City Housing Authority, which runs public housing in the city, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio plans to end longstanding regular payments from NYCHA to the NYPD. The payments, totaling about $70 million per year, pay for the NYPD to assign officers to regularly patrol housing projects; ending the payments could also end that arrangement, but would free up money from NYCHA to maintain and make improvements to its properties.

NYPD spokesman John J. McCarthy wouldn’t comment to the New York Times about whether stopping the payments would change the way the department polices projects.

Being that 20 percent of violent crime in the city takes place in the projects, a less robust police presence could mean even more danger. But it would almost certainly also mean less black and hispanic kids getting harassed by the cops in their own homes.