NYPD Starting to Wild Out on Occupy Wall St Protesters

09.24.11 Bucky Turco

The Occupy Wall Street activists are still holding court in Lower Manhattan, but they’re also organizing excursions to other areas like Union Square and earlier today, that’s where things started to get “ugly” after the police began ensnaring protesters in nets and macing them, just cause.

Here’s another video showing cops throwing people to the ground near Union Square as well. The demonstration is now a week old and although the NYPD has arrested plenty of people, in some cases breaking out laws from the 1850s to do so, they have been relatively restrained. But that all seems like it’s about to change.

According to the @NewYorkist who is live on the scene near the protester’s headquarters in Zuccotti Park, dozens of police cars and additional officers, including their specially trained TARU unit, have been deployed there.

He said there’s definitely a lot more tension in the air and it looks like shit could go down. There’s also talk getting more nets down there. Uh oh.

If you can’t make down in person, watch it live here: