NYPD Still Tossing Documents Into a Public Trash Can

07.28.11 Bucky Turco

With all the hoopla ANIMAL spawned a few months ago by publishing an NYPD document that was sitting pretty in a city trash can in front of the Manhattan South Task Force stationhouse near Times Square, we figured police brass would institute some new disposal methods there. Apparently not, cause the other day, I found a new batch of papers …. in the same exact place. These weren’t stamped “law enforcement sensitive,” however, they do discuss a variety of revisions to the patrol guide which aren’t readily available to the public.

This time, we’re not posting the entire document (it’s 12 pages long), but will highlight some of the more notable procedural changes, that include new tactics for gathering intelligence, identifying fellow officers, the amount of alcohol undercover cops can consume while on duty and other tips that border on common sense, such as determining if a suspect is intoxicated. Spoiler: vomiting and slurred speech is a dead giveaway. Dive in below!

In particular, meetings with the School Safety Division on a regular basis can be an invaluable source of intelligence information about specific crimes and crime patterns in a precinct command and in the borough.

Confrontation situations for a challenging officer (Don’t be racist!):

Avoid using directives which are contradictory such as,”Don’t’ move and raise your hands.” This will only confuse the person. Avoid using slang terms as “Freeze” or “Hold It.” Additionally, avoid using stereotypes which are based on a person’s race, color, ethnicity, hairstyle, clothing, or physical appearance. Remember, the Department is multicultural and stereotypes based on the above WILL NOT BE USED TO JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS.

Alcohol consumption for undercovers on duty:

Members of the service performing duty in an undercover capacity are reminded that it is best to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages on duty. However, the Department recognizes that depending on the nature of the operation such consumption may be appropriate and necessary. Members are advised that no more than two alcoholic beverages may be consumed during a tour of duty, absent exigent circumstances related to the safety of the undercover or to the need not to compromise the undercover’s assignment. Such circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

And finally, there’s the intoxication tip sheet