NY’s Senior Senator Proposing Useless Rx Legislation

06.27.11 Bucky Turco

In the twisted world we live in, LEGAL drugs like oxycodone and vicodin are now more abused than illicit ones. “The problem is more serious these days than heroin, than crack, than methamphetamine,” said Senator Chuck Schumer.

That makes pharmaceutical companies the new kingpins, but of course he’s not suggesting anyone go after them.

In a plan eerily similar to the failed policies of yesteryear, he wants to target the small time peddlers, like doctors, and limit the amount of prescriptions they write. His other idea is to enact harsher penalties for people who rob pharmacies, cause we all know how effective that would be in mitigating a hungry junkie’s appetite. Although both proposals have absolutely no chance of working, it sounds good and is romantically nostalgic. It’s like the Drug War being declared all over again.