Occupy the Internet: Exhibition!

11.02.11 Marina Galperina

In OWS art news: F.A.T.‘s Evan Roth has curated an internet exhibit/takeover, with known net artists like Aram Bartholl (also F.A.T.), Ryder Ripps (dump.fm), Mark Jenkins and more contributing animated, meme-infused gif protestors brandishing signs for the 99%. Since yesterday, they’re taking over hundreds of sites and counting!

Now, if you don’t think it’s cool to Occupy the Internet like this because it perhaps could be considered hijacking the cause, AFC has retaliated to make an Occupy Nothing widget to block said gifs. F.A.T.’s Greg Gleuch says it’s “the equivalent of NYPD’s orange nets for kettling” protestors. Hmm. Let’s just say that the conversation here is stimulating, sparks and all. F.A.T. is known for timely-themed web art, which reminds me — thank you for that Kim Kardashian blocker, just in time. Do we really think that the Occupy movement is so fragile that it must not be touched nor tarnished with any tangential meta? We think that if “it” can handle heavy-handed cops, tear gas bombs, right wing propaganda attacks, the cold, the fringe ditzes, the internal unrest, and the hefty web of corporate corruption it’s challenging, “it” surely can handle a tongue-in-cheek, internet-only art show that ends Friday. It’s mighty.

“Occupy the Internet,” Nov 1 – Nov 4, on the internet…