Occupy Wall Street Scares the World's Most Powerful Nations out of Chicago

03.05.12 Bucky Turco

The White House suddenly announced the relocation of the G-8 Summit from Chicago to the more secure confines of Camp David: “In May, the United States looks forward to hosting the G-8 and NATO Summits. To facilitate a free-flowing discussion with our close G-8 partners, the president is inviting his fellow G-8 leaders to Camp David on May 18-19 for the G-8 Summit.”

By “free flowing,” I can only assume that means one that is protester-free and although the Obama administration makes no mention of Occupy Wall Street, it’s pretty obvious they’re the likely cause of the venue change. The group has vowed to resurge this spring, using the two high profile meetings as a catalyst. As of now, the NATO Summit is still scheduled for May 20-21, which will allow demonstrators to concentrate their efforts. That means massive throngs of left-leaning groups will still converge on Chicago… what could go wrong? (Photo: Brian K/flickr)