Office Paper Company Saves Planet

03.22.10 Copyranter

Yet more Photoshop Animal Abuse (click gallery). Welcome to the 2010 Strrrretchy Eco Advertising Awards (aka The Strrretchies) This year, the Gold Strrretchy goes to Y&R in Dubai on behalf of their client Neenah paper. The message: Use Neenah’s carbon neutral paper, and all the world’s creatures will live forever.

You know, I firmly think that even if the entire world stopped using paper, period, today, humankind’s unabated obliteration of animal species wouldn’t even hit a speed bump. But just in case Neenah has secretly discovered the Slurry of Youth, I’m going to buy me some of their product, ball up some pieces, and go feed them to the endangered snow leopards at the Central Park Zoo. Previous Strrretchy winner: Toyota 4Runner Ad Made From Banana Leaf. |Images: IBIA|