Oh Snap! Christine O’Donnell’s Other Problems

10.29.10 Lauri Apple

While the Internet debated the merits of outing heterosexual ladybug Christine O’Donnell as a Halloween un-night stander, and/or followed the hunt for her anonymous Philadelphian Judas, other controversies involving the Senate candidate unfolded.

Like, her campaign treasurer quit! Also, she snapped her fingers.

The AP reports that Sandra Taylor, the departing campaign treasurer, served less than two months, and was O’Donnell’s fifth in two years. O’Donnell has replaced Taylor with her campaign manager, Matt Moran—the same guy who threatened to “crush” a Delaware radio station if they posted a video of their interview with O’Donnell online.

According to the Delaware radio station WDEL-AM, O’Donnell’s campaign threatened to sue them if they didn’t destroy this video recording of her appearance on “The Rick Jensen Show,” in which you can see O’Donnell snap for her aide’s attention.

Jensen’s a conservative, yet Moran still called the taping a “liberal media” attack. O’Donnell’s campaign has since apologized to the station.

But the real question on everyone’s minds is, “will that guy in Philadelphia apologize to Christine O’Donnell?” Details to come.