One Artist’s Trash is Another Artist’s Meal Ticket

09.08.09 Cajun Boy


A German artist named Dane Mitchell has sparked outrage in the worldwide art community after he won the Waikato National Contemporary Art Award and its grand prize of $15,000. His entry? The discarded wrappings of the other entries into the contest, trash that had been placed in a pile by the staff at New Zealand’s Waikato Museum. He called his piece, “Collateral.” Yes, Dane Mitchell is a dick.

Reports 3News in New Zealand:

Mitchell wrote a message to Waikato Museum art gallery staff asking them to collect the discarded wrapping of other entries and tip it on the floor. That was his entry, the Waikato Times reported.

Another entrant, Mark Hayes, said he spent 26 hours “cutting, welding and grinding”‘ for his Domestic Violence is Not Okay sculpture, but probably should not have bothered.

“Contemporary art needs to say something to you and make you think. I am sorry but I just cannot see the ‘clever’ and ‘cheeky’ in the winning sculpture,” he said. “Is someone trying to make Trust Waikato look like a joke?”

Exacerbating matters is the fact that the museum is actually standing by its judge’s decision to name Mitchell the winner of the competition:

“There will always be people who love things and those who hate them. The bottom line is we always ensure the judge we select has an excellent reputation.”

I reiterate…Dane Mitchell is a dick (Then again, most German artists are, right?), but this judge is a MASSIVE DICK who should probably be flogged mercilessly about the thighs and torso with bamboo reeds soaked in barrels of Tabasco sauce. But hey, that’s just my opinion.