OPD Watch: Asking Cops to Follow the Law, Politely

11.04.11 Marina Galperina

NAMEWhat’s the trick to enforcing the law on the law enforcement? Cali photog/filmmaker BLK PXLS demonstrates in Oakland: Keep your camera on. Watch as he cordially persuades a cop to take off the tape illegally covering up his name tag.

The Oakland Police Department does not wear badges with numbers. Masking his name? Oh, most suspicious, sir. The highlight of this video is the meaningful eye contact from the cop in question to the lieutenant who has no choice but to also call him out. Really watch it. His peepers are brimming with “don’t do this, bro” and unease.

BLK PXLS reminds that this sort of practice protecting cops from being referenced if they participate in police misconduct is common around Occupy protests nationwide and how: Here’s an undercover New York cop confiscating a generator and refusing to identify himself.

Lesson? Hold ’em accountable. Record everything.