Our Jayson Musson Photo Is A Cookie

07.20.12 Marina Galperina

At the opening reception of Brand Innovationsfor Ubiquitous Authorship exhibit at Higher Pictures, Guggenheim’s JiaJia Fey spotted this little cookie topped with ANIMAL’s photos of Jayson Musson and Jerry Saltz from his Coogi canvases show. Sweet!

Artist Haley Mellin turned several screenshots “from the internet” into sugary treats. She’s one of more than sixty international artists to participate in the show, producing art objects through “custom printing or fabrication service such as CafePress, Zazzle and Walmart, which delivered the objects in sealed boxes directly to the gallery.” The gallery didn’t see any of the art when writing the press release, so it’s all been a surprise. Let’s all go see what else they’ve got now through August 17.