Our Own Jimmy McMillan Doll, Halloween Version

10.29.10 Lauri Apple

We’ve told you about the plastic, talking Jimmy McMillan doll and his cheaper, mute counterpart. If you’ve been recession’ed, $40-$50 is too damn high for a toy. So here’s our own, Poors-friendly doll. It’s paper, mute, and free! The Jimmy McMillan Paper Doll comes with four costumes: Snooki, Antoine Dodson, Justin Bieber, and the Christine O’Donnell “I AM a witch.”

The costumes:

(Click for: Snooki, Antoine, Bieber and Witch)

Some TIPS:

  • You’ll have to cut off some of the tabs meant to hold on the costume components—in particular, the tabs from the bottoms of the headpieces. Keep the ones that “snap on” at the top. (Note: I am not a professional paper doll technician.)
  • Maintain the right-side tab for the O’Donnell witch’s hat.
  • You will have to trim the necklines of the Snooki and the witch’s outfit to your own specifications.
  • Use tape to keep the costumes on and make them look better.
  • If your doll gets messed up because of tape/tape/removal/etc., just print out another one. You can print as many of these dolls as you want!
  • I’m not 100% sure any of this will work out for those of you at home, but I made a good faith effort.

Here’s what the finished product looks like:

Happy Jimmyween, everyone!