Out of the 500 Pedestrians Injured By Cyclists, How Many Were At Fault?

09.20.11 Bucky Turco

​There’s a new study out (PDF doc), funded by an organization with an agenda, showing that across the entire state of New York, 1,000 pedestrians a year are injured by cyclists, 500 of them in New York City alone. As noted by the Village Voice, that pales in comparison to the amount of pedestrians and cyclists struck by vehicles.

That numbers totals around 70,000 a year according to Transportation Alternatives. But the most disturbing part of this study is the lack of any data showing who was at fault.

This is certainly an important little footnote, as pedestrians are notorious for breaking traffic laws and strolling around the streets cluelessly. It should be a determining factor in how we interpret these numbers, especially with many media outlets making a link between this story and NYC’s newly hatched bike-share program.

It would probably also make sense to note, that the pedestrians who were hit by cyclists, although hospitalized, ultimately lived and without any debilitating injuries. I wonder if the same can be said for those hit by cars? Whether they were walking or riding. (Photo: ANIMALNewYork)