Outed Sandy Twitter Troll Apologizes, Loses Job

10.31.12 Andy Cush

Shashank Tripathi, the man who, through his @ComfortablySmug Twitter handle, created and spread loads of false information about Hurricane Sandy during a time of panic for New York City, has posted a public apology online, and resigned as the campaign manager for New York congressional candidate Christopher Wight.

Tripathi touts his own apology as “sincere, humble, and unconditional” on Twitter, but, unsurprisingly, it comes off as none of those things. In the second paragraph, in addition to expressing his “deep regret,” he also manages to give himself a backhanded pat on the back for being brave enough to apologize, or something. “While some would use the anonymity and instant feedback as an excuse,” he writes, “I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Worst of all, the troll uses the apology as an opportunity to stump for his old boss, one last time. To close the apology, Tripathi writes, “Wight is a candidate with the ideas, philosophy, and leadership skills to make New York a better place and who will be an outstanding advocate for the people of the 12th Congressional District. It is my sincere hope that the voters of New York will see him based on his merits alone, and not my actions of the last 24 hours.”