Anatomically Correct Molotov Cocktail Hearts

Another nearly perfect, topical piece of art has floated up in the interwebs. Although it’s quite blunt as far as metaphors go, looks like mixed media artist Francis Baker is really onto something with this Armament. Baker was inspired by the Arab Spring, replete with visuals of hurled, flaming Molotov cocktails. You know what would […]

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Models Pepper Spray SWAT Team: Tyler Shields Occupies Meme?

After making a bloody Lindsay Lohan suck off a gun, slapping Mischa Barton’s face with meat and playing domestic violence cosplay with a Gleek, celebrity photog Tyler Shields has finally done something impressive. Behold: Blonde bombshells pepper spraying SWAT guys as an homage to the notorious UC Davis cop bully with a badge. The paparazzi […]

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Minimalist Posters: Pepper Spray Vs. Protestors

ANIMAL favorite, minimalist designer extraordinaire Viktor Hertz has made two brand new posters for a group show at Portland’s Gigantic Gallery in the theme of “rivals.” Stepping out of his signature pictogram stylings, he’s decided give Occupy Wall Street the modern hieroglyphic treatment. This right here is the 99% vs. the police, as signified by […]

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