Hear the Floppy Disk Drive Symphony Orchestra

Take eight floppy disk drives, some MIDI software, an Arduino, and a little programming know-how, and you’ve got yourself a personal, polyphonic orchestra. At least, if you’re YouTube user MrSolidSnake745, you do. SolidSnake programs his eight little drives to perform music by systematically altering the speeds at which they run. “The concept behind this is basically […]

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Bouncy Pixar Lamp IRL

You remember the adorable Pixar lamp, that most darling form of branding in millennial history. Thanks to Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou, and Joss Dogget here is ol’ lampy, eerily come to life. The trio created an animatronic lamp called Pinokio that, much like it’s cartoon predecessor, has emotional characteristics. According to the team, the project […]

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The TR-808… As a Robot

Moritz Simon Geist is really good with wires. He has transformed the famed TR-808, one the first programmable drum machines and main supplier of sounds for rap music, into a full blown robot entitled “MR-808.” The entirely mechanical installation uses robotic arms in conjunction with an Arduino micro-controller and Albeton sequencer — for all your […]

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