Ten Crack Commandments IRL

Uh-oh. Somebody ring God, ’cause… lawsuit! Is Chuck D’s lawyer still available? But really, why do these real-life, marble crack commandments exist? Because Swyndle & Hawks are thieves. They even say so. They rip iconography, flip out slogans and objectify lyrics so you can hang C.R.E.A.M. on your wall. See more 2010 work below. […]

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Calvin Klein Shows Some Skin for Attention

Over the summer, Calvin Klein erected an orgy-themed billboard on Houston Street that drew some extra attention thanks to the Daily News reporting on the faux-controversy. Months later, the jeans and underwear company has put up a new ad imbued with an extra dose of sex to ensure the same result. The newspaper hit Houston […]

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Magazines Not Useful for Drug Smuggling Either

A 70-year-old woman was arrested at Washington-Dulles International Airport last week by Customs and Border Patrol agents for attempting to smuggle almost a half pound of good weed from Amsterdam “concealed inside a newspaper wrapped bundle of Der Spiegel magazines.” She supposedly told authorities that the publications were “research material for a book she was […]

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