Pamela Geller Corrects Snotty New York Magazine

02.06.11 Lauri Apple

Walmart-loving glamazon Pamela Geller is offended by New York Magazine‘s reference to Ground Zero not-mosque protesters as “Gellerites”–insinuating that these freedom-loving people are sycophants who can’t think for themselves or something. She would know!

On her blog, Geller corrects the falsehoods:

Referring to the freedom lovers who showed up as ‘Gellerites’ demonstrates New York magazine’s stiff-necked smarty-pants disconnect with the good and decent who passionately care about this painful and offensive insult at Ground Zero. This is a mass movement.

She also singles out reporter Mark Jacobson, who interviewed her after learning that–contrary to rumors–looking Geller in the eyes would not turn him into stone but merely require some follow-up PTSD therapy. Jacobson is “your typical NY elitist,” she reports:

[Jacobson] said that he had nothing in common with “these huge people in their pick-up trucks.” I said I loved them and that they were America. Certainly he wasn’t.

It seems that she might be happier living somewhere else. Why doesn’t she move? She could declare herself Our Lady of Keeping It Real and form a tightly-knit community of fellow Atlas-shruggers in some place that’s more genuine, like Arizona. They could take over a subdivision full of foreclosed homes, combine their Costco purchases into stylish grand buffets, and communicate with the world via the Gellerblog.