Pamela Geller Hopes To Bring “Savage” Ads To City Buses

10.04.12 Andy Cush

Noted hatemonger Pamela Geller hopes to bring her signature anti-Muslim rage out of the subway stations and on to the sides of the buses, she revealed yesterday in an interview with TheBlaze, the conservative blog run by noted fearmonger Glenn Beck. Geller has submitted an application to the MTA to run eight new ads, all of which are variations on her controversial “Defeat Jihad” campaign, retaining the original “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man” text and subbing in various causes (“Support the Hindus”) and nebulous rage-inciting phrases (“Defend freedom”) in for the original statement of support for Israel. “I wanted to demonstrate the global character of the jihad,” Geller said. “That it is against non-Muslims of different faiths and perspectives, all over the globe.”