Paris Hilton “Attacked” By Topless FEMEN Activist

09.12.11 Marina Galperina

PARISContinuing their “Model, don’t go into a brothel!” campaign, FEMEN activist Alexanra Shevchenko crashed a Miss Ukraine press conference yesterday, running in bare-breasted between visiting celeb Paris Hilton and the cameras. NSFW.

Just for a split second though — she was immediately, nonchalantly pounded down by an official-looking broad armed with a notebook. As she hit the floor, she hollered her slogans against the corrupt modelling industry in Ukraine. She was dragged out of the building screaming and, as you can see in the photos, fought to the end. Meanwhile, Paris continued grin and fluff her hair.

Later, the activists explained that Miss Ukraine is nothing but a “meat market for oligarchs” to take advantage of “fresh” Ukrainian gals and “Female beauty must not become a product. A woman must be above this.”

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