Pawning Off the ‘Hipster Grifter’s’ Lines

04.20.09 Bucky Turco

kari_ferrell_matchbox Outlaw Kari Ferrell’s snappy, lascivious notes have spawned endless commentary, inspired a t-shirt design and captivated the internet. Now another enterprising opportunist is selling a matchbook with a naughty missive on it he claims was also scrawled by the infamous “Hipster Grifter.” It says: “The only meat in my mouth comes on a six foot stick” Heart/ Ping Pong.

The seller offers this account in the product description on eBay: “This is a note given to me by the now infamous hipster grifter Kari Ferrell at the Coco 68 restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I used most of the matches but held onto it cause it was such a memorable occasion… I thought she was hilarious, I was eating a steak.”

Wait…what’s a “six foot stick?” And are we to conclude that said “six foot stick” was given a “hand job” with said mouth?