Photos of People “Camping” in Walmart Parking Lots

11.07.13 Kyle Petreycik

Across country, there are over 3,000 Walmart parking lots — the best-kept “secret” in free camping due to the store’s overnight parking policy geared towards customers traveling by R.V. There are two particular parking lots in Flagstaff, Arizona known as temporary campgrounds with their very own long-term residents.

This past summer, photographer Nolan Conway spent some time in both of these locations, documenting the people and the burgeoning sense of community that’s developed between many of the long-term inhabitants.

There’s a painter from Texas stopping along his 11,000-mile solo bike trip sleeping between a truck and an R.V., an older unemployed man with a back-injury living out of his car, a couple of young buskers on the way from Arizona to Montana and Sal who lives in his pick-up.

“My wife threw me out, because I’m a drunk,” says Sal. “I drink too much vodka.” Poor Sal.

(Photos: Nolan Conway/Wired)