People Who Are Really Rich and Live Atop Skyscrapers Have Problems Too, Guys

08.17.12 Joshua Rivera

Life isn’t just ponies and cupcakes for those of us with the misfortune of having luxury residences atop skyscrapers. Sometimes, having a super expensive apartment kind of sucks, The Observer reports. Like discovering physics after you discover that sometimes, really tall buildings sway in storms and can scare the crap out people living in them. Or the fact that said storms can sometimes obscure the view that you paid so much money for. Or dealing with elevators that are either long and slow or sickeningly fast.

All this is absolutely shameful and unacceptable. These people are paying enough to bankroll a small country in order to rise with the sun and greet the city naked from on high. Bloomberg should stop wasting his time chasing after giant soda cups and focus on what really matters.

Til then, it’s a hard knocks life up in the penthouse, yo.

(Photo: Marc Dalio/Flickr)