Peter King Should Read WikiLeaks

12.22.10 Bucky Turco

Congressman Peter King represents Long Island and that explains a lot, but it’s still no excuse for him to channel a crazed 1950s-era senator and announce that he will hold equally as outrageous hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims. Sigh.

He could learn a lot from the cables written by diplomats in India and released by WikiLeaks. The memo outlines why Muslims in that country are not “attracted to extremism.” Hint: Ostracizing them and pushing them out of the mainstream with fiery rhetoric and discrimination isn’t the most effective method. An excerpt from the leak:

1. (C) India’s over 150 million Muslim population is largely unattracted to extremism. India’s growing economy, vibrant democracy, and inclusive culture, encourage Muslims to seek success and social mobility in the mainstream and reduces alienation. With Indian Muslim youth increasingly comfortable in the mainstream, the pool of potential recruits is shrinking, while Muslim families and communities provide little sanction or support to extremist appeals. This cable is in response to Reftel requesting information on methods used by extremist groups to recruit and train youths under the age of 18. Post notes that India is home to a wide variety of extremist groups, including religious extremists (Hindu, Muslim and Sikh), ethnic separatists, and extremists from the political left (Naxalites) and right (primarily Hindu fascists), all of whom recruit children. However, reftel requests information only on Islamic extremist groups such as Al-Qa’ida, Ansar al-Sunnah, the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), the Taliban and Kashmiri militants, and we will confine our analysis to such groups.