Subway Photographer Grabs Candid Shots by Faking Tourette’s

11.08.12 Lily Streeter

Any well-trained New Yorker knows what to do when entering a subway car: sit down (unlikely), shut up, and attempt to block out the chaos around you with whatever distractions you have on-hand or in-ear. Well, apparently that technology-driven sense of social disconnect is no different in Thailand, and one frustrated photographer decided to do something about it.

“Everybody was facing down and being cut off from the outside world. At that time although I was being in my hometown (sic), the feeling of unfamiliarity gradually emerged. So I decided to do something to express that disoriented emotion,” described Thanachart recently to photography blog PetaPixel. “I got into the subway, shouted out a random word that is completely unrelated to the situation and then captured that moment. It was the moment when everyone was getting out of their small worlds and noticing the presence of public space.”

And when Thanachart says random, he means random–phrases being thrown out ranged from “Fried Egg!” to “Crocodile!” to our personal favorite, “Kafka!”. We only have one question: if this was done in New York – would anyone even bother to look up?

(Photos: Benz Thanachart)