Piss Christ Coming To NY:
Get Your Hammers Ready, Zealots!

09.21.12 Marina Galperina

Andres Serrano’s iconic photo of a crucifix pickling in a jar of piss is coming to Midtown’s Edward Tyler Nahem gallery and they’re ready. Security is being beefed up as we speak, lest the offended go on the offensive and smash it to shit again and protest in hundreds outside. However, that was France and we are not in France, but it’s not exactly popular with the conservative crowd in the US either.

Say, we-thinks that the opening reception next week would be a perfect place for a Free Pussy Riot protest? Hint.

Of the last attack on Piss Christ, Serrano remarked, “It transformed ‘Piss Christ’ into something else. It’s mounted on plexiglass, and it looked like they’d attacked Christ. The marks were all around the face.”

Uh, Catholic Rage gone and punk’ed itself.