Play Russian Roulette With Your Facebook Life!

05.11.11 Marina Galperina

DIEHere’s an amusing vodka concept ad (read: fake) for Facebook Russian Roulette wherein if you lose, your profile will be gone forever! Dramatic, nyet? So, as the heavily-accented gent explains, just hand over your passwords (right!), spin the barrel and click that trigger.

Your virtual life could be gone like poof! Thrilling! “The survivors” could win “7 unforgettable days” in the Motherland with fur-hatted broads and dancing bears… obviously.

What a zeitgeisty, gutsy idea from ad students Ilya Malyanov (AD) and Christian Feist (CW). Now explain why the olde Jewish folk tune Hava Nagila is playing over all this obnoxiously Russian kitsch, when you could have easily gone with a Kalinka?