Please Stop Fondling the Nude Performers

04.16.10 Marina Galperina

abraAlso, sliding clothed hard-ons purposely over the performers’ hands isn’t appropriate. How sexually frustrated are MoMA patrons that they can’t handle a little nudity without getting grabby like drunks at a discount strip club?

Though few, a number of visitors of the Marina Abramović‘s “Artist is Present” retrospective/performance have gotten out of line, grabbing at appendages and getting escorted out, even banned, as in the case of the elderly gentleman who not only cupped a nude performer’s butt as he walked between two performers reenacting “Imponderabilia,” he also commented about how his butt felt (“good!”). Aside from innumerable erection rub-bys, there has also been some rude commenting, shouting, and Facebook stalking. Don’t do that. Little dances and whispered “thank you’s” are ok.

Marina Abramović herself is still performing her piece in silence, meanwhile, the other performers/reenactors are shortening their shifts, even fainting.

The performers are slated to stay at the museum through May 31st. |NYT|